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These types of discussions always arise whenever a magazine (be that printed or on teh intarweb) tries to reflect its opinion on something.

It's impossible to hold a grudge against AP because they liked SWOS that much. Even if they thought it was the best game ever, what of that? They're paid to have an opinion, write about it as eloquently as possible and sell the paper on which their articles are written. Period.

If you don't agree with a review or a score, fine, let it be know. But always bear in mind that a review is the expression of a subjective opinion, no matter how hard a reviewer tries to stay objective.

I thought AP's way of reviewing and scoring games was the closest to objectivism you could get. AP's journo's actually played the games they received to death (they died either of excitement or boredom). Other mags just wrote down the game's functionalities, added some PR blurb and threw a score at it.
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