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Regarding the GENETIC SPECIES V4605 Engine Update, there were good improvements so have now implemented this

I also updated the script which joins the 192MB .CDXL file; made this show a bit more information while running:

Grab this new file on the EAB File Server under the directory "~Uploads/DamienD/LHAs"

Same instructions as previous i.e:

a) Download the "GeneticSpeciesAGA.lha" file from the EAB File Server under the directory "~Uploads/DamienD/LHAs".
b) Copy to somewhere on your Amiga's hard drive.
c) Extract to wherever you like.
d) Run a Shell, change into "<wherever you extracted to>/Genetics/Geneticspecies".
e) Enter "script".
f) After completion, just to clean things up, enter "delete script".
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