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Originally Posted by wXR View Post

I am also trying to "read between the lines" of what you quoted, but I'm afraid that I don't really understand the mixing of the AmigaForever (presumably) and the AmigaOS 3.1 discussions. What does this group beta testing have to do with the relicensing of AmigaOS 3.1? The way you wrote it makes it sounds like some kind of weird attempted distraction-bribe. Would you ask Mike to join us here please?

Don't forget the quote is just about 1/5th of the original e-mail. I won't post the full email in verbatim here, as I did explicitly asked if I could do so and Mike didn't respond to that. So don't take my shortened version to be the full truth, it's a very open and honest conversation with information shared with me that I can't share openly just like that.

I also gave Mike the link to this thread. He also told me he didn't have the time to read it, so I think if he would really be interested in joining these complex discussions and getting 5 or 6 different replies, he would have been here now. I will relay your request.

I also don't think it's a bribe. It's more of an opening to get a common understanding of each other and to build a better communication between Cloanto and the community.
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