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Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
This is twofold I think, Mike said the following; 'Since we are developers first, and not lawyers, do you think this could be an opportunity to do a small beta test run, to also collect some technical feedback? Is that something you could/would like to curate with this group you are talking about, limited to those who already participated in the thread? If you would like to tell me how many have a Windows system and would like to give our latest work a try, I would be happy share some links and licenses. My "evil" motivation here is to show that we also do development work, and of course to see what the opinion is on technical merits.'.

We as a community are on this moment only interested in the source. If I read correctly between the lines; He is looking for something more then that, involvement. I think it is an fair trade, some commitment to his commercial purpose, in exchange for a step further in the talks. He is clearly motivated to make sure Amiga lives on and does want the community to be part of this preservation. I think we need to show some commitment and build some credibility towards him.
Sounds like you have made great progress.

It certainly can't hurt us for some of us to provide him some feedback on whatever it is he is working on if it helps move the discussions forward.

I'll volunteer.
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