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Originally posted by manicx
Well, once again you are wrong! You make a comparison between a games only magazine (AP) and Amiga Active that was a general Amiga magazine. The thing is that if I compare AP with the gaming section of CU and AF, you'll notice that AP had the attitude to snob everything that they didn't like. A typical example was the Sensible Soccer reviews. Just because the editors liked this game more than any soccer game, everything and everyone else who liked other soccer games were considered by them as inferior. This attitude turned me away of this magazine and you could see that it was wrong. I was a regular reader of AP, CU, AF, ACE, C+VG, Amazing Amiga and Amiga Active. I do rate AP really low just for this attitude. The AP team didn't vary in their game preferences. They were people with the same taste in computer games and this made them feel bossy and absolutists. Even if AP was not only a games only magazine, it would have been among the first to go down.
In the 80s, there was a symbiotic relationship between most magazines and publishers. Especially on the Amiga, publishers saw magazine reviews as extended advertisements for their games and in return magazines got exclusives, front page big names and free beer. In mags like Amiga Action, the plot of the game took up most of the review before a quick note about how nice the graphics were. In CU Amiga, a game like Superfrog would be an excuse for some uninteresting facts about frogs. Amiga Action even decided to review PC versions of Amiga games. Amiga Power came along and upset the status quo; they used the full percentage system, which meant that an average score was 50%.

Game reviews are a mainly personal opinion, although generic game flaws should naturally be brought up. What you saw as a bossy attitude merely came from the fact that AP weren't trying to please everybody at the same time. Game reviews must be based on an opinion of a game, or else they are a description of the plot and the game's features. You can read that from the back of the box. You are meant to read the review text and form an opinion about whether you like the game. It helps you to make a more informed decision on what to buy (which is important if you are paying a lot of money for each game).

You say that the "AP team didn't vary in their game preferences" and use football games as an example. Well, Amiga Power were the ones who championed Empire Soccer in 1994, so the idea that they had some sort of superiority complex with SWOS is ludicrous. Below is a list of games that got 90% or above - hardly a list with no variety in it.

As the saying goes, "Don't hate your enemy as it clouds your judgment".

Addams Family, The
Alien Breed 3D
Arcade Pool CD32
Banshee CD32
Beneath a Steel Sky CD32
Big Six: Dizzy Compilation CD32
Bloodnet AGA
Cannon Fodder
Chaos Engine, The AGA
Classics Collection: Delphine
D/Generation CD32
Desert Strike
Dune 2: The Battle for Arrakis
Empire Soccer '94
First Samurai
Fly Harder
Formula One Grand Prix
Guardian CD32
Gunship 2000 CD32
Head Over Heels
Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis (Adv)
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
John Madden American Football
Knights of the Sky
Lemmings 2: The Tribes
Liberation CD32
Naughty Ones
Pinball Fantasies AGA
Pinball Fantasies CD32
Pinball Illusions CD32
Populous 2
Putty Squad
Rainbow Collection, The
Rainbow Islands
Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo
Second Samurai
Secret of Monkey Island 2, The: Le Chuck's Revenge
Secret of Monkey Island, The
Sensible Soccer
Shadow Fighter
Sim City
Slamtilt AGA
Speedball 2
Strike Fleet
Stunt Car Racer
Super Skidmarks CD32
Super Tennis Champs
Switchblade 2
Syndicate CD32
Theme Park
Ultima 6: The False Prophet
Yo! Joe!
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