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Okay, I just send another 2 page e-mail to Mike Battilana and there genuinely seems to be a foothold.

In the first place, Mike mentioned bringing up the idea of getting a non-profit to "own" Amiga a few times earlier; [ Show youtube player ], AmiCast #11 and at the [ Show youtube player ].

On this moment I can't place the e-mails in verbatim here, but he really strikes me as someone with the communities best interest in mind. What I can mention is that he is willing to provide "free" beta-test licences to people who participated in this thread until now. This would probably involve giving back some technical feedback for those who participate, but I'm currently asking what strings would be attached. I don't mind some strings, but I want to have those strings clear before I start offering "free licences" just like that. Would people be interested in this (of course; depending on what the strings are)?
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