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Akira : Drake's (and mine!) concern is about the storyline, methinks. How are they going to fit the game in the story? I hope Delphine is involved and that they don;'t fuck it up, as Amigaboy said. Luckily they cant make it go 3D, so that will assure that te game retains the original, unmatched, 2D gameplay

Actually I'm not so concerned about the storyline since I never completed F2B so I wouldn't know where it left off anyway.

Maybe they are going to make a more detailed story of F2B and put it in 2D? That would be fairly good, that way they can also call it the followup on Flashback. That way you'd have 2 games with somewhat the same storyline though. But if you take examples from the GBC you'd notice that some 3D games from the PC were converted to a 2D game on the GBC, I don't know about the story, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was basically the same story being told in different ways.

F2B players will probably be a bit disappointed if this is the case, but the Flashback lovers who didn't play F2B because it changed style completely will not be left with a big gap.
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