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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
No, I would refuse any payment. I was always glad to get so much free software and open source code from the Amiga community that I regard my little contributions only as a very small refund for what I got. I like the idea of open source, but I'm not a fan of all these rules that are included in GPL and don't see why I should need that.

Future versions? What are you talking about? I'm an old man and my job is done! (Bugfixes are an exception, of course) Icon For4ks? No, I've no more plans for the rest of my life to buy another new PC and a 4k display. That would also need a better upscaling function. My Amiga screenmode is still 1280x800 on my 1920x1200 monitor. Enough pixels!
Oh well I just thought I try to get you a cash dump while people are throwing fat stacks around, good rationale you have for not accepting.

I meant ForA4ks, like "For A4000s" since that's what I use it on, actually A2000 and CDTV too but maybe people would just be happy and delighted that it worked on Not-A4000s. How about "Icon of Good"? Or GoodIcon, hang on it's on the tip of my brain. BestIcon library?
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