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Originally Posted by subone View Post
But it doesn't reach the menu after the long intro, just go back the WB ... sound is OK. Maybe i missed something ?
Hmmm, not sure off the top of my head...

After the intro you should get the AHI requester screen as follows:

Did you get this? Do you have AHI installed?

Finally, have you tried using "SnoopDos" to see what's failing?

The files in the package are all the original files straight off the CD-ROM.

In the HOL notes there is this:


Recommended Specifications:

- Amiga or DraCo/DraCo Motion
- 68030/040/060 CPU
- 512K+ chipram, more fastram (i.e. > 8MB)
- gfx card (CyberGraphX/Picasso 96 supported)
- sound card
- 4xCDROM drive or faster (for smooth viewing of the 3D rendered intro animation)
- HD
- AHI Audio System (manually HD installed from the game CD, developer website or Aminet)
- RTGMaster (HD installed)
- RTGMaster PIP Sublibrary (HD installed, Picasso IV/CyberVision 3D gfx card + installation of GENETIC SPECIES V4605 Engine Update required for window play)


I didn't install any RTG stuff or the GENETIC SPECIES V4605 Engine Update as when I did it requires the CD-ROM again...
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