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Originally posted by Marlon
Mmm...not only are you a bounder and a cad; you're completely and utterly WRONG as well. Amiga Power was the longest running GAMES-ONLY Amiga magazine - outlasting both Amiga Action and (by some months) The One. You can't compare the sales of games-only mags to those that cover the ENTIRE scene. As for CU going down; I doubt this was BECAUSE of the court case as the Amiga market was in serious decline by this time anyway - although there probably was SOME financial fall-out. And to put a web-site - crap or otherwise - on a CD WITHOUT permission is, it must be said, quite incredibly stupid.
Well, once again you are wrong! You make a comparison between a games only magazine (AP) and Amiga Active that was a general Amiga magazine. The thing is that if I compare AP with the gaming section of CU and AF, you'll notice that AP had the attitude to snob everything that they didn't like. A typical example was the Sensible Soccer reviews. Just because the editors liked this game more than any soccer game, everything and everyone else who liked other soccer games were considered by them as inferior. This attitude turned me away of this magazine and you could see that it was wrong. I was a regular reader of AP, CU, AF, ACE, C+VG, Amazing Amiga and Amiga Active. I do rate AP really low just for this attitude. The AP team didn't vary in their game preferences. They were people with the same taste in computer games and this made them feel bossy and absolutists. Even if AP was not only a games only magazine, it would have been among the first to go down.
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