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Originally Posted by plasmab View Post
Of course its not worthy of investment (at least in my opinion). But that isn't going to stop us. As the man said.. he's a grown adult who can spend his money how he wants.

I've probably spent (in the 2-3 years) 1-2000 GBP on Amiga kit directly and another 2000 on equipment and parts relating to creating accelerators. This means i've spent more than I would have on a top end laptop to enjoy a 30 year old platform going slightly faster. Its not because I think Amiga is useful or something to invest in for the future... its just something I love(d) doing.

I'm not kidding myself that there is a future here. Its fun/hobby/niche.
Raspberry Pi has sold over 11 million units
NES classic edition has sold 1.5 million units (despite shortages)
Natami MX bringup thread had 761487 views
Your dueling banjos video has 6860 views
lantus360's CannonBall video has 5252 views

You don't think a 68k computer/console which can play Amiga/CD32, Atari ST, Neo Geo, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, x68000, 68k arcade games, etc. with 68k+FPGA while providing Raspberry Pi like computer features would sell? The NES classic was only the 3rd best selling console in January 2017 and none of these other 68k systems offer that much retro goodness now do they? A 68k system with 1 GB of memory like the Raspberry Pi would never be enough either would it?

I guess we have different opinions on what is "worthy of investment". I don't want to "donate" money for something without a future. I am an investor, Amiga fan, 68k fan and retro computer fan and I want to invest in something which will further those causes. I see the retro interest and all the FPGA talent and work which already exists in the Amiga community but is wasted because of lack of investment, cooperation and leadership. Mass production is the only way to lower prices enough to bring in new customers and a new generation which are necessary to sustain the Amiga. The greatest risk to the Amiga is the current status quo of deterioration followed by certain death. It is this which is not worthy of investment, IMO.
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