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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
the money may be better spent paying for backporting and optimizing AROS RTG for the 68k.
exactly, except i wouldnt backport it but take as a whole, fix and optimize. rtg is not the one and only advance feature, aros has. it has built and and improved tcp stack, amiga applications can transparently take advantage of, it has usb stack, it has skinning if one wants it, ttf outline fonts support, it has built in posix compatibility lib, something comparable to ixemul, i would say, it has opengl in form of mesa/gallium and appropriate interface for gallium drivers, and and and..

and all this in a system that takes 10mb as basic package, and needs few mb to run.

if you think about it right, there are very few amiga features for which you would want to keep the original os in comparison. currently it is stability, or rather iwould say compatibility, sicnce aros is not randomly instable from my experience, and obviously speed. other than that pal/ntsc overscan, screen dragging with different resolutions and support ofr some other unique feats of amiga chipset is missing.

The biggest hurdle is that the graphics.library is in kickstart
it is a feature! you can have rtg available at boot time, same as various other interfaces.

The overwhelming question is, is continued Amiga development worthy of investment and development?
with aros this problem is moot. the development for the genuine platform and anything you would laike to switch to, happens already in parallel.

look, i made a number of commits within last few days, which in aros weekly report are considered being 68k/gcc4.6 fixes. in fact only few of these are 68k exclusive.
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