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Originally Posted by mattsoft View Post
So you ditched the idea of powering it from the computer? I guess only certain computers provide the necessary current over serial to power this thing? Either way, very cool and I'm in on one. Looking forward to "dialing up" some BBSs.
There is no usable power on a DB-25 or DB-9 based the serial port but you can power the WiModem232 from a wall wart or from a 5v connection from your computer.

The WiModem232 will have all of the same features of the WiModem for the 8 bit machines. The baud rate will be maxed at 230400 (unless I can figure out how to make the Amiga go faster). This device will work on all computers (Amiga, PC, Tandy, etc.) that have a DB-25 (or DB-9 with a DB-25<>DB-9 adapter). You will be able to order which gender DB-25 connector you want. Some PCs (and the A1000) are backwards from the rest of the Amiga family.

Being that the baud rate can be 230400, I am going to look into how well this will work as a SLIP replacement. Does anyone know what the baud rate is for SLIP devices? I am not familiar with the SLIP/PLIP stuff at a technical level.

There is a 3MB virtual drive built in, so using an Amiga device driver you will have a mini hard drive capable of storing up to 3MB worth of files (good for 3+ .adf's worth of storage). This is something I am testing for the C64 version right now.

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