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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
Why not compile AROS 68k to 68k asm the all OS and then hand optimize and enhanced it?
Because the whole process does not scale.

Reading and manually tweaking machine generated code is a exceptionally challenging considering how much code would be involved.

Well, at least you can check the original source code and compare the output to what the original intention was, but that's no help for a few hundred individual source code files, producing thousands of lines of assembly code to pore over.

A compiler is a tool which is intended to make you more productive by letting you express machine instructions with less effort, conquering complex tasks more easily. Think of the compiler as a means to "compress" programs. The assembly language output which it produces is by design less expressive, much larger and requires much more effort to understand.

And these are massive problems which balloon before the equally challenging step of integrating the changes into the target system are considered.
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