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As promised in other threads, I am going to contact the FSF about possibly working with them on the project after this week. Unfortunately no "Amiga Lawyer" has stepped forward thus far.

I would really appreciate to see you organizing the research into something we can hand over, as this will be a substantial task in and of itself (I planned to pay some kind of paralegal to take over as soon as it made sense to). The AmigaDocuments site is a good start, but it no doubt needs to be even further threaded. I don't see why this couldn't be done in public, as an EAB thread with something like a public GitHub repository (wiki) connected to it / able to be sent pull requests etc.

That said, I strongly suspect that Cloanto and Hyperion aren't going to say anything until they have to, or until they are tempted to. In other words, I doubt we will get much in the way of "proof" out of them until it is in their interest to provide it. That said, I am not familiar with European law, maybe there is something they are required to report upon being asked, etc. I am really ignorant of such matters. One could approach them about licensing, but that seems more than a little transparent. On the other hand, by all means do try if you feel compelled to.
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