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Critical components to open source

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Hey people, do you really think those who try to milk the cow as much as they can, will accept to drop their rights for a few grand ?

I don't think they will drop it for a few grand. I do think everyone has a price and if you don't start any negotiation you won't learn that price. Whether the price is acceptable is what the other party is willing to pay or not. I do think if anyone is going to start negotiating he/she would also get some advice from someone who has bought companies and/or parts of companies before.

Added afterthought; if Cloanto could earn what they make in 2 years on Amiga Forever in one go with no effort but signing a paper, don't you think it would be realistic for them to give up their rights? They could still sell their "product" (repackaged win-UAE with some software), because they could also use the open source product.
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