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Originally Posted by foleyjo View Post
I tried with 32bit winuae and it worked fine so I'm guessing the winlaunch.alib file isn't compatible with 64bit.
Is there an alternative way of launching pc side software from inside winuae?
Interface that runs PC side libraries (like winlaunch.alib) can't work with 64-bit version.

I think easiest solution is to make most used and simple (there is only few) external programs winuae built-in.

EDIT: and it is done

The A4000T option was selected because I read a guide on how to get a powerful setup and that was one of the settings (along with the ppc settings). I've set it to A4000. Thanks for the tip
It is usually best to choose the most basic model that still supports expansions you want to use. (=A500, A1200 or A4000)

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