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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
If you're going to go down the retropie path then Amiberry is for you. Floob has a wonderful tutorial video

[ Show youtube player ]

Otherwise you can go to the Amibian or amiberry website and install a standalone Amibian on a sdcard that can boot up very quickly to the Amiga without the excessive junk retropie has.



Many members use Amiga on a Pie, so I am sure you will get many more responses soon.
Good stuff , I'll have a look later , got a Pi2 at the moment , ordered Pi3 , should be here soon !

I had my A1200 set up on a tiny LG LCD with SCART , but it looked a bit lost , hopefully the better GFX of the Pi will make it more useable on a modern TV .

Does anyone know if there's any way of emulating the 4 player parallel gameport on a Pi ?

5 player Dynablaster anyone !
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