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Originally posted by manicx
Runty! AP was the runtiest piece of journalism ever. No surprises that it was among the first magazines to go down. Nothing compared to CU or AmigaActive. The former was the Amiga flag in the past, the later the Amiga flag in late 90s early 00s... End of story (hey I like that, it reminds me a bit the AP attitude, we say it is the best, and f*ck what the others say)...
Mmm...not only are you a bounder and a cad; you're completely and utterly WRONG as well. Amiga Power was the longest running GAMES-ONLY Amiga magazine - outlasting both Amiga Action and (by some months) The One. You can't compare the sales of games-only mags to those that cover the ENTIRE scene. As for CU going down; I doubt this was BECAUSE of the court case as the Amiga market was in serious decline by this time anyway - although there probably was SOME financial fall-out. And to put a web-site - crap or otherwise - on a CD WITHOUT permission is, it must be said, quite incredibly stupid.
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