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MacOS System 7.0.1 Compilation (

For those fans of fusion, shapeshifter and basilik comes a lega resource:l

This is a pair of compilation hard drives that contain a full copy of MacOS 7.0.1, along with a range of games, applications, utilities and toys to demonstrate the experience of using an early Macintosh computer.

System Programs: HyperCard, Macintosh Basics, Control Panels.
Applications: BBEdit Lite, MacDraw, MacPaint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Orion, Pagemaker, ZTerm.
Games: Risk, Cannon Fodder, Shufflepuck.
Utilities: HD Setup, Disinfectant, Disk Copy, ResEdit, TeachText, Compact Pro, Mac Gzip, Mar, Stuffit Expander, Stuffit Lite.
Toys: Alarm Clock, Calculator, Note Pad, Puzzle, Scrapbook.
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