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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

I really understand and support your desition. Hopefully you end up achieving it.

As has been mentioned, there are some AmigaOS components that have not been homebred by Commodore. Many of them were licensed, and this may proove to be a showstopper in many cases.

I dont know its current situation but as far as I know these components were built by third parties and licensed, the extent of that license needs to be verified:

-Amigaguide document format
-Arexx was made by William S. Hawes
-CrossDOS was made by Consultron (which closed doors)
-Say was made by Simile Research
-CDTV specific components were made by Pantharay
-The Commodities concept and its library was originally made by Jim Mackraz
-There is still some MetaComCo code lingering here and there (Peter Mackeonis)

And the list probably goes on.

On the legal aspects, why dont you ask the Free Software Foundation or any other NGO that pursues open source for advice?

I think this is somewhat troublesome, but on the other hand; the core (kickstart and workbench) first and then the third party components can follow. I think kickstart and workbench itself isn't that hard to pursue, the parties that could claim any right are relative easy to find.

Third party components might be quite more troublesome and could quite possibly be replaced with open source variants or might even be used so little that there is no real use for them anymore.

Tackling something like that in one go would probably hurt this project. As this might kill interest.
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