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Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
Regarding how well the GPL would serve the community, I look at UAE. Originally released as GPL. And while yes, this means that there are too many forks to count, in reality this does not hurt us. In the end, there will be a person or group with the most dedication and passion and they will end up with the dominant release. If UAE was not released as GPL, would we have WinUAE today ? An if WinUAE was not GPL, would we have FS-UAE etc ? The Amiga community is really only alive today IMHO because UAE was GPL.

The GPL is the only license to use if we want the sources to actually be "free" and never end up in the same situation.

However the points about this not being possible are unfortunately true. It it more than likely that some parts of the source are sub-licensed, and not able to be released under a different license by the current license holders.

Of course, this wouldn't prevent the rest of the code from being re-licensed.

I tend to disagree. There are tons of open source licenses to choose from. BSD, LGPL, MIT, Apache and lots more. GPLv3 might hurt the community, GPLv2 is quite okay. Every license has is pro's and con's.
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