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I wish you luck with this.. If you can find a route to achieving this then start a kickstarter and i'll put in what i can afford at the time.

Originally Posted by michaelz View Post
Problem with that is that the right holder is still the right holder. He/she/it can still enforce some rights. Most likely copyright will still be in place.
This is of course true but it is also true of any open source material. Copyright always remains with the person/entity who created the code (even sometimes in commercial contexts - Of all the companies i've worked for only SAS Institute made me sign a separate agreement handing over those rights). Licensing and Copyright are often incorrectly conflated to mean the same thing.

The issue here is that issuing a GPL license *may* not be compatible with existing agreements. E.g. f someone has already been sold an exclusive license then it may not be possible to relicense it. But then it may all be fine... who knows.

Personally I dont see what anyone gains from the current situation. Hyperion may make a few quid (which is their right) making web sales of ROM images but I cant see them making their money back on this.

At the moment I have to disassemble bits of roms to figure out how stuff works. If i had access to the source ... even without being able to recompile / distribute etc. then i'd be able to make progress faster.
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