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Board + Rom (HD?) (unidentified): Prod=2065/1($811/$1) (@$E90000 64K)
ConfigDev structure found at location $C18
=== Board ID (Expansion Rom) information:
er_Manufacturer =2065=811=("$F7EE)
er_Product =1=$1=("$FE)
er_Type =$D1
(type 3,size 64K, not for free list, ROM diag vec valid, not chained)
er_flags =$0
(no space preference,can be shut up)
er_InitDiagVec =$4000
DiagCopy at =$20088
=== Configuration (ConfigDev) information:
cd_BoardAddr =$E9000
cd_BoardSize =$1000 (64K)
cd_Flags =$1 (CONFIGME bit cleared

is that enough info tony?
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