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Back when i first got my A1200 with 120mb IDE hard drive I wasn't in the slightest dissapointed with my purchase. Having only had my A500 since 1990 purchased with 1mb of ram and then upgraded with a 20mb A590 and then later with an additional 1mb of fast ram my brand new A1200 seemed like a decent upgrade. I bought it pretty much as soon as it was released and It served me well for a couple of years until I upgraded to a 4000.

However looking back now - given the fact that the A500 had already been around for quite a few years by the time I got one it seems like a pretty poor upgrade. If i had bought and A500 back when it was first released I'm sure it would have seemed like a very long time waiting for an upgrade aimed at the same audience. I think the A1200 should probably have come out around 1989/1990 - that would have been amazing for the time.

It does seem strange though that there werent any competitors out there producing anything either. Atari simply put out upgrades to try and bring the ST up to the capability of the Amiga and failed to do so with the STE. The Falcon pretty much turned up around the same time as the A1200. It seems that home computer development pretty much stalled for around 5 years between 1985 and 1990. We went from the Spectrum 48k in 1982 to the Amiga 1000 in 1985. I guess these two werent really at the same price point though so its not a fair comparison.

All in all i think if that was the best they could manage for the price point then i think its a reasonable compromise. £400 pounds seems like the right price to aim for and it worked well for them in the past. I think a higher price point with better specs probably wouldnt have worked. If they hadnt taken their foot off the gas though after the A500 I think we could have been so much further along by 1992.
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