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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
What other critical components should we look at relicensing? CyberGrafx? WarpOS? Picasso96 came to mind, and I likewise made an offer to Jens and Hyperion here:
It is not as simple as liberating components. Components need to be integrated into the AmigaOS and updated (developed). Some components could be taken from AROS for free but then it may be better to use AROS as the AmigaOS to develop. RTG could be backported from AROS although CGFX and P96 would provide already working AmigaOS 3 RTG. Several AmigaOS 3.5-3.9 components could be bought. The GUI can already borrow Zune from AROS for MUI but it would be nice to support ClassAct/Reaction (developer Christopher Aldi was from New York and is an incredibly nice guy) including for AROS. It is good to support both GUIs since there is existing software for both but a decision should be made which is the primary GUI (AmigaOS 3.5+ is Reaction, AROS/MOS is MUI). The problem with just freeing is that there is no organized direction or development which can result in forks and more Amiga flavors. This is the problem with the AmigaOS now.
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