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Alternative approach - release open source replacements written in ASM for the old CBM/Escom 3.1 code.

That's pretty much what Peter K has been doing with just one component all these years, icon.library.

Legal, and there's NOTHING that Cloanto, Amiga, Hyperion or any of their suited stooges can do about it. A ROM containing such a collection of Amiga compatible code would be just as legal as an "IBM compatible".

Will have a think about the original question, but I honestly think open sourcing new code replacements is the best way to go. Too expensive and too easy to stop an attempt to open source the CBM code.

The issue boils down to selling ROM chips really. Commercial transactions over the code are where the legal problems arise - maybe give them out free with a expansion. Or similar.

There are ways. Good international set of attorneys to approach might be

... but whoever you ask, ask for pro bono arrangement. Lawyers do not always charge for their work.

Mind you, proof of transfer of the copyrights from CBM to anyone else have never been presented in court. If they don't actually exist, any legal claim to the copyright exclusivity would be contestable.
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