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Critical components to open source

Happy Easter Amiga community,

I've decided to put USD $50K towards a process of relicensing AmigaOS 3.1 to GPL:

Hand-waving the details, let's assume for a moment that this gesture goes somewhere and we manage to not only get a legal briefing from some interested attorney, but also a liberation cost that is affordable, with the requisite funds to complete the deal.

What other critical components should we look at relicensing? CyberGrafx? WarpOS? Picasso96 came to mind, and I likewise made an offer to Jens and Hyperion here:

Please, seriously discuss it as if it were all possible: What presently proprietary AmigaOS components or tools are the most important to liberate? What are we better off recreating? (An open question to the awesome Sakura guys for example, do you lot see any sense in backporting ReWarp to an (open source) OS3?)

Let's get it all done.
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