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Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
That aside, you can still use Photoshop as a proper pixel art tool (as I do) by carefully selecting your palette and then drawing pixel by pixel, without using transparency/alpha at all (pencil tool, use clear cut fills with no anti-aliasing, nearest neighbor for resizes e.t.c.). I.e. the same way you'd do it on a classic Amiga paint program.
Genuine question - wouldn't you find it easier to use DPaint or PPaint under emulation? Low-colour pixel art is exactly what they're designed for and they're matchless at it IMO.

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
If it was a great game in the same ilk as Foundation or a Amiga version of something like Stardew Valley I would be happy to pay £20 for it, even £30 at a push.
I'm actually thinking of doing a Harvest Moon style game for Amiga, albeit with a twist. I've gone as far as making some graphics but it will probably be the project-after-next as I need to work up to something that ambitious.
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