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Originally posted by Toni Wilen
Yes but it isn't that easy, think about programs that use different mode for scoreboard and main game screen. Finally add sprites and some copper tricks and everything gets too complex..
Hm, yes indeed, probably not worth the humongous effort.

However, my experience is that in 99% of cases the only problem is that the screen is offset horizontally to the right, leaving a wide border on the left side. Well, at least this border seems to be much wider than on a real Amiga, even when I choose a 720 x 576 full screen resolution.

So, a stopgap measure that would not take that much effort could be a horizontal (perhaps also a vertical) offset parameter in normal (GDI) graphics mode, much like the the Horizontal/Vertical Position slider on the Filter tab. Hm?

I am aware that this represents fairly small added value, considering the availability of OpenGL (pretty fast) and Direct3D (unfortunately slow) filtering, but then again, it would not be so much work either.
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