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Adjusting window size by a small amount doesn't work

I was doing some testing related to the recent off-by-one scaling error thread and noticed this issue.

With a uaegfx screenmode, I set scaling mode to Default in filter settings. That means the RTG image is scaled to fill the emulation window. I set an 800600 uaegfx mode and sized the emulation window manually to 23991800 pixels (i.e. dragging the window corner until it was that size).

In order for the scaling to be an exact integer, I opened the settings window. In Display settings I changed windowed width from 2399 to 2400 and clicked OK. But the emulation window size didn't change.

However, if I change the window size by a larger amount, e.g. entering 2300 for the width, the window size does change to reflect that. I could change the size again by entering 2400 for the width, and window size did change to 2400800 then.

[By the way: why are the Horiz. size and Vert. size boxes disabled in RTG mode filter settings?]
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