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Adjusting window size by a small amount doesn't work

I was doing some testing related to the recent off-by-one scaling error thread and noticed this issue.

With a uaegfx screenmode, I set scaling mode to Default in filter settings. That means the RTG image is scaled to fill the emulation window. I set an 800×600 uaegfx mode and sized the emulation window manually to 2399×1800 pixels (i.e. dragging the window corner until it was that size).

In order for the scaling to be an exact integer, I opened the settings window. In Display settings I changed windowed width from 2399 to 2400 and clicked OK. But the emulation window size didn't change.

However, if I change the window size by a larger amount, e.g. entering 2300 for the width, the window size does change to reflect that. I could change the size again by entering 2400 for the width, and window size did change to 2400×800 then.

[By the way: why are the Horiz. size and Vert. size boxes disabled in RTG mode filter settings?]
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