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Hello there gravyYelp,

Welcome to EAB

I love Cinemaware games and this is surely a classic

Use this 100% verified set:

... It Came from the Desert (1989)(Cinemaware)(Disk 1 of 3)[!].adf [CRC: 86DDDC8A]
... It Came from the Desert (1989)(Cinemaware)(Disk 1 of 3)[!].adf [CRC: 0067F7FA]
... It Came from the Desert (1989)(Cinemaware)(Disk 1 of 3)[!].adf [CRC: 57990F5B]

You can get it from the EAB File Server but to make it easy for you I've put the files in The Zone! To access The Zone! see here.

The correct config to use is pretty standard i.e: A500 - 1.3 ROM, OCS, 512 KB Chip + 512 KB Slow / Cycle-exact ticked

I've also put the following files from my personal collection of cheats / walkthroughs etc. in The Zone! in case you need help with finishing the game:

a) ItCameFromTheDesert_Characters_Tips_Walkthrough.txt
b) ItCameFromTheDesert_Map.jpg
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