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Originally Posted by Selur View Post
why there is still no amiga games like 90's ?

Because graphicians and musicians trying making games and coders doing graphics and music... little gamedev nonsense

so I have and idea...

You are musician, so how about stop making 'games' in BB and help others developers/coders by making good music.

For example
AlarCity - good engine needs music and better graphics
Reshoot - good engine needs better graphics
Thing is, doing proper pixel art (Think Bitmap brothers quality) is very time consuming and unless you are doing this full time you are going to cut some corners.
Gfx guys these days use Photoshop, paint in 24bit then do the palette conversion (down to 8bit or less) as a last step. It makes sense time wise, but you lose a lot of control over your palette and it almost never looks good.
Back in the day when I did pixel graphics, a lot of the time spent was to get a properly optimized palette. "Every color swatch motivated, no colors wasted" -mentality..
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