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I tried WinUAE again this day, and I just found out that I was wrong when I talked about the Xbox One gamepad where I previously assumed this:

One controller connected;

Xbox One gamepad = Joy 2-keys

Two controllers connected;

Xbox One gamepad [1] = Joy 1-keys
Xbox One gamepad [2] = Joy 2-keys

Well, this still holds up, but I assumed that when two wireless Xbox One gamepads are powered on, that the controller that has the [2] symbol was the last powered on Xbox controller. I was wrong; the "Xbox One gamepad [2]" is the first powered on gamepad when two controllers are connected.

I found out by powering up both Xbox One gamepads, starting Blues Brothers, entering the WinUAE menu by pressing F12, entering the Input section and pressing the Test-button. Then I pressed a button on the first powered-on Xbox One gamepad, and to my surprise that gamepad went under the name "Xbox One gamepad [2]", and not "Xbox One gamepad [1]" as I was so sure of on my previous post.

Now it seems like WinUAE works as intended with Xbox One gamepads, and controller support seems to be working way better than only a year ago
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