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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
As I've already mentioned, if using / installing with the original CD-ROM (v1.12) you do still require the CD to be present after installation when playing the game...

I love HOL, but the notes are most definitely wrong and should be corrected!!! It's not as simple as detailed...
No, unfortunately you're most definitely wrong in this case. Did a quick HD install of my Foundation V1.0 CD (no patching whatsoever) on A1200/030/64Mb. Took my whole lunch break (30min.) to install everything except the intro and mugshots to zip disk off 4xCDROM (yuck!). Had to HD install to zip disk (double yuck!) as I didn't have enough free HD space.

As you can see from the photo above plus those at the bottom of my post, the HD install worked straight off with only 1MB chipram free and without the game CD being inserted (which you said was an absolute must!). There was, however, some gfx corruption on the main game screen (not too surprising, I guess, as Foundation was aimed at standard A1200 owners back in '98 and the patches largely focused on fixing AGA issues, some of which occurred on accelerated machines).

Didn't have any time to fiddle with patching, degrading etc. as I've got much bigger fish to fry atm on the work front with Easter almost upon us. Suffice to say that I got none of the errors/CD prompts you did under emulation and was able to quit a game and return to WB afterwards. All this using the very first V1.0 release (as opposed to your V1.12/V1.27) and HD installed to external zip disk straight outta the box (tested OK from ram: too BTW).

Sure, the HOL entry needs updating to alert people to problems (like mission 6 being impossible to complete without applying the update patch), but the basic HD installation instructions as documented in the original V1.0 release of Foundation are correct as confirmed by my quick 'n' dirty test.

Even if the info. had been incorrect, we would have wanted confirmation on real Amiga hardware at a minimum. After all, HOL is a testament to Amiga games released for the classic hardware it was intended for. You insisting that the HOL notes should be changed based on your isolated experience so far under emulation was quite unreasonable and unfounded.......can you see this now?

Originally Posted by DamienD
One problem though as noted in my original post; there are no birds tweeting on the first screen or music playing until you get to the options screen. Also if I set any "AHI" options as opposed to "Amiga Sound" then there is nothing throughout...
No surprise there as AHI is aimed mostly at sound cards than Paula. As I said in a previous post, the lack of music/sound FX suggests a chipram problem and shouldn't be happening under emulation. Anyway, can't say that I noticed any sound problems with 1MB chip/64MB fast free memory on my A1200/030 set-up in my brief tests today.

Originally Posted by DamienD
Finally, saying all of the above though, what do I know?!? I'm just a dumb emulator user or maybe it's an emulation issue as noted in posts above this
Well, I've never thought that TBH. Can't really comment about anyone else, though, as I've been too busy to follow EAB too closely in recent months. However, having a blind belief in emulation or your own skills being without fault - especially when a body of evidence suggests that real hardware doesn't have the issues that you've experienced under emulation - is quite baffling and plainly dogmatic TBH. I can remember a couple of other game threads of yours I read and ended up posting in where it turned out to be an emulation issue despite the "symptoms" leading us all to believe that it was unlikely. As always, Toni was very quick to investigate and fix in those instances.

Originally Posted by DamienD
Doesn't matter that my job in real life is a 3rd line technical analyst / infrastructure engineer, I'm clearly a noobie when it come to Amiga stuff as I don't own real hardware or have the required intelligence.

To be honest I'm getting quite bored of some people here implying that I'm stupid or something and don't believe a word I say and challenger everything I do
So it's OK for you to do the same to others then having been on the receiving end? Equally, it's not nice when someone (mate or not!) intimates that you're a liar when they want to trust their own experience under emulation, no matter what, over your own experience and those of others you know on real hardware. Hmmmm.....

I'm sure Paul Burkey was no idiot either - he managed to get it all sorted eventually. Do you honestly think that he would have forgotten to tell people in the game manual or FAQ that they needed to have the game CD inserted at all times when playing from HD? He only spent 1.5-2 years updating the manual and pumping out update patches after Sadeness released Foundation. That's what you call dedication and attention to detail methinks, especially at a time when the Amiga market was almost completely dead and his original publisher had long fallen by the wayside.

Originally Posted by DamienD
If it continues then I really won't bother doing anything more for this community, what's the point really??? I'll leave it to you "real" Amiga gurus shall I...
Well, I have noticed increasing resistance on your part over time to taking advantage of advice offered by those trying to lend you a hand to sort out or clarify issues. No-one ever said that it was all free sex 'n' beer working on Amiga hobby projects BTW (far from it actually!!). If you're truly passionate about it, though, and you're motivations are not really about the free sex 'n' beer.....then like Daedalus says in his post, you will return after a break, be better & wiser for it and wonder what the hell you were thinking when you left off!

Adrian, Ian, myself and some of the other guys on the HOL/AMR teams, for instance, have copped a lot of crap here and there over the last 15 odd years, yet we're still here contributing as best as we can to the Ami community despite ever-increasing real life demands and occasional pot-shots still being taken at us. If you treat everything you tackle project-wise on the Amiga front as a sprint rather than a marathon, then you are going to burn out, muck-up more than usual and start taking every little thing - real or imagined - personally (not to mention burn bridges with others along the way that you might not be able to mend afterwards). It's as simple and as difficult as that, I'm afraid........

Anyway, like Denis and a few others here, I admire your spirit and no hard feelings from my end, my friend! Hopefully none from yours either.
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