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As I've already mentioned, if using / installing with the original CD-ROM (v1.12) you do still require the CD to be present after installation when playing the game...

I love HOL, but the notes are most definitely wrong and should be corrected!!! It's not as simple as detailed...

Anyway, have painfully gone through the correct process of installing the original and then upgrading to v1.27; note that you need the CD-ROM inserted until all steps below have been completed:

... Create a folder on the hard drive called "Foundation".
... Copy "FoundationPrefs" from the CD-ROM to the above folder.
... Run "FoundationPrefs" from the above folder and select all options under "Installation". This will install 113MB of files.

v1.27 patch:
... Once the above has completed, delete the files "FoundationAGA" + "FoundationPrefs" + "FoundationRTG" from the folder.
... Extract all contents from the file "FoundationUpd27.lha" to "SYS:Foundation".
... Run "FoundationPrefs" from the above folder and select all options under "Installation". This will install another 61MB of files.
... Eject the CD-ROM and now you can play without this.

One problem though as noted in my original post; there are no birds tweeting on the first screen or music playing until you get to the options screen. Also if I set any "AHI" options as opposed to "Amiga Sound" then there is nothing throughout...

Finally, saying all of the above though, what do I know?!? I'm just a dumb emulator user or maybe it's an emulation issue as noted in posts above this

Doesn't matter that my job in real life is a 3rd line technical analyst / infrastructure engineer, I'm clearly a noobie when it come to Amiga stuff as I don't own real hardware or have the required intelligence.

To be honest I'm getting quite bored of some people here implying that I'm stupid or something and don't believe a word I say and challenger everything I do

If it continues then I really won't bother doing anything more for this community, what's the point really??? I'll leave it to you "real" Amiga gurus shall I...
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