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Come on man, don't be silly now!!! I hardly think emulation is to blame here...

Try installing the original CD on your real Amiga then... After these steps all should work fine according to what HOL says, no?

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
The process followed was:

  • Use a suitable configuration (AGA / 68030 / 2MB Chip & 8MB Fast RAM).
  • Add in freshly installed "Classic WB Lite 3.1" .HDF.
  • Mount the CD image and start.
  • In "DirOpus" create a folder on the hard drive called "Foundation".
  • Copy "FoundationPrefs" from the mounted CD-ROM to the above folder.
  • Run "FoundationPrefs" and select all options under "Installation":

  • After completion, press <F12> to bring up WinUAE's GUI, eject the mounted CD-ROM and reset.
  • Double-click on "FoundationPrefs", set "PAL: Low Res" and "Save".
  • Double-click on "FoundationAGA", see the first "Sadness" screen, followed by the "Paul Berkley..." screen, then oh no:

Please, someone with a real Amiga try this as I definitely can't...
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