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Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post
In those communities, the artists/coders/musicians make the games because they have genuine pleasure in doing them.
I still think you are a bit misguided. Everyone doing here what they do also do it for pleasure and passion. And those who don't do anything, even if they have skills to do so, also have good reasons not to. We can't question people and why they do or do not certain things. I don't think people need to be hit with a cattle-prod into doing things. The only way things will come out in the best possible way is if people want to make them. You can't force them.

Since you are talking about passion and will, I am sure 99% of the people will not have any of that if they feel forced to do something. So preaching is not really helpful in that way, and again this is what I mean with "inspire by actions rather than words".

By the way, just having a skill doesn't mean you have to use it in a certain way or at all, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps for people who hang out here and have certain skills, the Amiga is JUST NOT THAT IMPORTANT. Is that a shocker? I don't think so. We all grew up and hopefully diversified our interests and that just makes us richer people. And if you still want to make things for the Amiga, that's great. but if not, I understand, because I know I have my own reasons why I don't, or why I do.

This is what I find from other scenes that you want to compare to: I feel like in them, most of the people involved have those platforms as their sole interest as a hobby in life. While I see the Amiga community as a more diverse one. The Amiga is a platform that from the very beginning nurtured CREATIVITY, and a lot of people that were into it came out graphicians, musicians, creators of many kinds, and perhaps nowadays have a myriad of options where to express their creativity, while other platforms, more restrictive in regards of how much "real world application" their computer activities had, are more limited to and by the platform itself. So a lot of Amiga users have varied hobbies they probably got started with an Amiga but trascended the platform and there's no real need to actually go back to it in any way, at least not exclusively.
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