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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Hey dude, I didn't mean to offend you, I'm afraid you took the comment in the wrong way. I didn't mean to say you were committing a crime, I was just trying to give you an answer for your pondering. Let me try again.

What I meant is that if one wants something to change, the best course of action is to do it themselves. Can't code? Learn. Can't draw pixels? Learn. Can't make music? at least try.
You shouldn't depend on others to change, otherwise you spend your life waiting and letting others have control over it, instead of controlling it yourself. And if you start the change, it will possibly and probably inspire others to follow through.
I wasn't offended. Sorry if that notion came out of my text. I was just seeing a pattern that I have identified long ago on the Amiga community that doesn't seem to exist (or is not as prevalent) on other communities. Remember when I said "doing things for the sheer please of doing them"? That's something that permeates the other communities (especially the Spectrum's. Maybe I'm too influenced by it. Maybe they're just THAT good that everything else pales in comparison). In those communities, the artists/coders/musicians make the games because they have genuine pleasure in doing them. They have a vision (the idea I spoke of), they run with it, do what has to be done and - when it's all done - give it to the community. 95% of the time for free. This is beautiful, don't you think? I have genuine pleasure in witnessing it. I would like to see the same in the Amiga community. But, yes, you're right. We shouldn't depend on other to do things that WE want or need. I should learn (I'm 40 and all-thumbs, working on yet another PhD thesis, but still... it's never too late), but what I was attempting to do was to awaken those who already know. Those who don't have to learn anymore because they already have the knowledge/skill to do it and urge them to apply those skills into something fruitful. What the Amiga community now seems is a collection of some talented individuals that do nothing with their talents other than commenting on a forum. Do you know where the word "talent" originates from? Yes, that passage from the bible (Matthew 25:14). I'm not a religious person, but the moral of that story fits this like a glove. Some of the very talented individuals here are just "burying their talent". All I was attempting was to stir their pride into applying their talent into something everyone (even themselves) would appreciate.

Sometimes I have the feeling that people think that I'm asking too much. That it stems from a sort of ignorance about how the community really works. But I dare say the opposite. I think that by being a part of other communities, I'm more suited to see the points of convergence and divergence and more suited to see how the small hindrances could be overcome (not because I'm magic or smarter, but simply because I've seen them be overcome elsewhere). It's hard, though, to try and mess with the long-instituted status quo.
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