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Cheers for the info related to the patch and later versions

Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Horse manure! From my own memory, the CD should only be required for HD gameplay if you don't do a full HD install (e.g. intro is streamed off CD rather than HD).
Well Prof Bong, you can say horse manure all you like but...

Trust me, the first thing I did when looking at this after Neil79's request was exactly what you've quoted. I ran a full install ticking all options.

Installation: To install the game you must copy the "FoundationPrefs" program to a suitable location on your Hard Drive. It is recommended that you create a new directory and drag the "FoundationPrefs" program into there. When you launch "FoundationPrefs" it will create some important directories and install the minimum amount of files needed to run the game. "FoundationPrefs" contains some installation options that will allow you to install more of the Foundation files if you prefer to use the fast file access of your Hard Drive.
The game starts ok but just before the main screen you are thrown back to WB and requested to insert "FOUNDATION"...

Checked the installed files versus what's on the CD-ROM and there are files missing under the GFX directory from memory.


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