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Hey dude, I didn't mean to offend you, I'm afraid you took the comment in the wrong way. I didn't mean to say you were committing a crime, I was just trying to give you an answer for your pondering. Let me try again.

What I meant is that if one wants something to change, the best course of action is to do it themselves. Can't code? Learn. Can't draw pixels? Learn. Can't make music? at least try.
You shouldn't depend on others to change, otherwise you spend your life waiting and letting others have control over it, instead of controlling it yourself. And if you start the change, it will possibly and probably inspire others to follow through.
This is what I mean with "actions speak louder than words". These endless talks in EAB about "why is this or that not made on Amiga", for example, inspire me not in the least bit, but a release like the upcoming Powerglove or Reshoot R do inspire me and I am sure others too.

You said you seemed to find the current scene lacking the will to go the extra mile, yet I see you have this "problem" too, otherwise, you wouldn't be telling me this. You would be going that extra mile and trying to learn a new skill to help make these games you, we, want. But why don't you? you probably have a bunch of very good reasons that i am not intending to discuss. They are your reasons and they are valid.

Again, I am not attacking or criticizing you, I am trying to make you see, that perhaps, the way you feel and your reasons, are the same as those for other people, and this is exactly why we see (or not) the current output of Amiga games. To understand WHY we are in the current state, we need only to look at a mirror.

With "this matter needs not be discussed anymore" I am not vetting further discussion of it, but I am meaning that we don't really need to ponder much at why things are the way they are, we well know why, yet we somehow seem to be trying to point fingers at something else. There shouldn't be a discussion because the problem is clear and the reasons well spoken of and obvious. Talking about how to change that is a different thing, and that can and should start with oneself.

Saying you can't do something is very limiting to yourself. Perhaps you can't now. But that doesn't mean you can't in the future if you put the effort. I've seen many people do it. I have learned many new things myself along the way. Don't cut yourself short and do anything you want, everybody can.
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