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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Why don't you do it instead of talking about it? You surely will have a bunch of excuses. So do other people Think of why YOU don't do it and apply that thought to the whole of the community, and this matter needs not be discussed anymore. With that said, you either take it or leave it, and with leave it I mean, you either drop the platform, or be the generator of the change you seem very passionate preaching about. Actions speak louder than words.
This is part of the problem, I think. This attitude right here. This is a very amigan attitude, unfortunately. I haven't seen it in any other. Well, maybe that's not true. There's always these "deliver or STFU" users everywhere, but only in the Amiga community are they the bulk of people. Why?? I really don't understand it.

To answer your question: I don't do it because I CAN'T do it. Literally. I have virtually no coding skills (learned C and Pascal 30 years ago), can't draw pixels to save my life and I can't make music. I'm a clinician, not an engineer. I do have what you all seem to lack, though, which is passion. There's a portuguese saying that goes something like: "Deus dá as nozes a quem não tem dentes para as roer" (God gives the walnuts to those who don't have any teeth to chew them). This seems to be the case. Some of the best artists/coders/musicians in this site lack the passion/will/resolve to actually do something with their skills/talents. I may have the passion and the will, but lack the skill/talent. Unfortunate, isn't it? Yet, here I am, trying to kickstart something (your butts, specifically) in order to see if I can at least "contaminate" some of you with my passion. But some of the best artists/coders/musicians of the Amiga community usually utter from high in their white horse, "deliver or STFU" or phrases like "this matter needs not be discussed anymore". Why? Why shouldn't it be discussed anymore? This sort of stance that permeates the Amiga community is what is actually detrimental to any entrepreneurial ideas. Am I being too idealistic? Perhaps. But we do need ideas to make things happen. You can't just "deliver or STFU" or state that "action speak louder than words" if you have no idea behind it in the first place. And that's what I'm daring to do here: have an idea. Better yet: an ideal. I would want to see my favoured platform thrive and I'm willing to discern strategies and ways of doing it. Is that such a foul crime?

BTW: pardon the off-topic vent.

Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
I paid a dollar a pop for Tanks Furry disks and I would pay a dollar a pop for a Steam version too. Especially if it had cards and backdrops and all that malarkey, especially since the chances are that Kyot is doing the art and you don't have to look at me to closely to see that I am at least a little fond of his work. (...)
Tanks Furry is a rather good game, hence an exception to the rule. Tanks Furry is well worth what was asked for it. And when the commercial viability was exhausted, it was generously given to the community. High praise.

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