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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Wouldn't you rather pay $3-5 for a simpler, GOOD QUALITY, indie game where clearly a lot of effort has been put, to encourage the developer to keep working on Amiga games?
I paid a dollar a pop for Tanks Furry disks and I would pay a dollar a pop for a Steam version too. Especially if it had cards and backdrops and all that malarkey, especially since the chances are that Kyot is doing the art and you don't have to look at me to closely to see that I am at least a little fond of his work.

Indeed I am currently discussing things with R3D, nothing is formal but you only have to have a quick glance around to see that R3D and System Of Sound have a mutual friendship,if only in the games developer to games magazine publisher sense.

But I assure you I do not refrain from pointing out what I do not like about Tanks Furry too. I can safely tell you it rates about an eight and that's about .5 above the recommended passing grade compared to what I'd get on Steam. And that's the score for the free-to-play version and those don't tend to rate very well at all with us.

But the boxed CD package gets around 9 which is a large difference purely on the strength of the official manual. It really is the best Amiga manual I have ever seen. There were one or two minor errors, like a few unimportant words which had not been translated to English but these just added to the charm in my opinion. And it does clear up a lot of things, I wish I had read it before the first time I played as it is actually helpful too.

I compare the $15 AUD I paid to a shareware registration fee.
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