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Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post
But this is where the community spirit I spoke of before must be mustered. If the community was more enthusiastic and dynamic (and more willing to cooperate), then it would generate the needed momentum to leave this seemingly indefinite inertia that has plagued the Amiga community since 1995. Doing things just for the sheer pleasure of doing them. That's what fuels all the other communities I spoke of. If everyone else can, why shouldn't we?
Well, as I said, for whatever reason, the people interested in this platform are just interested this much.
Also if the community has to be both the creators of content and the intending purchasing audience, here is a big problem. I feel like in places like the C64 scene, there's a core group of enthusiasts interested in making stuff, but a larger core of enthusiasts that are just consumers/collectors, and Amiga does not seem to have this balance.

If every person in the Amiga community would be involved in games making, would they be buying games? I'm not sure.

Are we any less than any of them? Even with all the aforementioned hindrances, if we really want to and we really get our heads into it, we'll surely do it.
And your answer is right there. As I said before it seems that the people interested in this platform just don't want to do what you want to get. It doesn't make this community better or worse. It's just what it is. Different people with different needs, problems, interests and time constraints.

I do, however, get the feeling that many people in the Amiga community just don't want to run the extra mile. They're really not into it.
So yeah you have come to the same conclusion I just explained, and I think this is what needs to be embraced and dealt with.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, there's only one thing YOU can do: is go out and make the game you want for the Amiga. Why don't you do it instead of talking about it? You surely will have a bunch of excuses. So do other people Think of why YOU don't do it and apply that thought to the whole of the community, and this matter needs not be discussed anymore. With that said, you either take it or leave it, and with leave it I mean, you either drop the platform, or be the generator of the change you seem very passionate preaching about. Actions speak louder than words.
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