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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Wouldn't you rather pay $3-5 for a simpler, GOOD QUALITY, indie game where clearly a lot of effort has been put, to encourage the developer to keep working on Amiga games?

If that developer is encouraged enough, who knows, he/she might decide to plunge the time and resources necessary into building your much wanted AAA style game.
But out of the blue, who the fuck is going to dedicate full-time to making an Amiga AAA commercial-grade game? Again, as said a million times before, people who are possibly interested in this platform, are grownups who have a lot of shit on their plate and not 16 year olds living with mom who have a lot of free time, passion and energy to dedicate a whole year or two to wow everyone with their Amiga skills and create a AAA game. Also remember kids back then did that because there was a MARKET for commercial Amiga games, and it could become their career. Such a thing does NOT EXIST nowadays.

You need to understand the reality here. As it is, we're lucky enough to have anyone making games for the platform. There aren't many and sadly at times the quality is just not good. But there are a few gems that deserve all the support we can give. I'm not saying "buy anything that runs on an Amiga" which seems to be the mentality of a lot of people and I disagree with it, but the good stuff, go ahead and cough up the usually little cash for it.
This does not include overpriced releases forced into a box that sell for like 40 euros. I'm talking about a fiver for a digital download, which should be the way every Amiga game available nowadays expecting monetary compensation in return be distributed, with an OPTION to buy physical.

As for collaboration, its's been tried a lot of times. Look at the Rygar thread and its struggle. People just don't want to commit. This is just what I explained. For whatever their reasons, you can't just work in a team as in the olden days. It's not the same, because we're not the same, and working online isn't the same either.

Platform fragmentation is also not helping. There clearly are two (or three) "Amigas" nowadays, and one has to choose which one to develop for.
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