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A fair bit to comment on here, but I'm quite time-poor I'll make this brief and to the point.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Last night I installed another "AmigaCD" game to .HDF... Foundation.
[*]Originally installed update v1.27 but unfortunately this seems to miss sound / music on the intro which is present in v1.12 so I decided to go back to the original CD-ROM files.
I highly recommend you apply an update patch regardless (even if it's not the most recent), as Paul Burkey's original V1.0 CD release was bugged to the absolute hilt and prone to instability during gameplay (just have a read of the colourful .nfo in DC's CD rip of Foundation!).

Sadeness basically pushed an early beta version out the door fearing that the last semblance of an Amiga market would completely disappear before the bugs were ironed out. No doubt they were trying to stave off having to close their doors too, which they ended up having to do only a few months later anyway and some months before any of the subsequent patched incarnations of Foundation were released on CD.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Hehehe... even before finishing this project I knew that people would ask "...but what about the other later Foundation games?"

I've already found / downloaded "Foundation: The Undiscovered Land" addon CD

Regarding "Foundation: The Directors Cut", does anyone know where I can find this?

Regarding "Foundation: Gold", I've found this file "AMIGA CD - Foundation - Gold [ITA](2000)(Epic Marketing)[A.P.S].rar" but from looking at the name it's Italian... Does anyone know where I can find the English CD?
TBH you probably would've been better off aiming for a HD rip of Foundation: Gold from the outset. Gold basically fixes a lot of the bugs of the original incarnation of Foundation, enhances the interface and gameplay a little and includes all the missions included with Foundation: The Undiscovered Land and Director's Cut.

Might be worth checking out the "Italian" ISO of the game if it's readily available for d/l as the original CD release is multilanguage (unless some lamer has stripped the other dozen or so languages out of the ISO!). In any case, I've probably got all the Foundation game CDs incl. Foundation: Gold somewhere here if you're desperate for any of them and no-one else reading here can supply an ISO in a more timely fashion.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
I've got both Director's Cut and Gold. Both run from hard drive without any CD as it is.
The original incarnation of Foundation is the same......HOL says so!

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
The original "Foundation" obviously requires a CD drive to install and then afterwards the CD-ROM was still needed...
Horse manure! From my own memory, the CD should only be required for HD gameplay if you don't do a full HD install (e.g. intro is streamed off CD rather than HD). In any case, DC's HD rip (on Beavis CD #5 and NOT in TOSEC like a crapload of other AmigaCD rips 'n' other goodies on the Beavis CDs! ) certainly didn't involve any cracking, and Paul Burkey's manual on the Foundation CD and updated online manual both say much the same thing:

Installation: To install the game you must copy the "FoundationPrefs" program to a suitable location on your Hard Drive. It is recommended that you create a new directory and drag the "FoundationPrefs" program into there. When you launch "FoundationPrefs" it will create some important directories and install the minimum amount of files needed to run the game. "FoundationPrefs" contains some installation options that will allow you to install more of the Foundation files if you prefer to use the fast file access of your Hard Drive.

Anyway, for any future HD rips of CD games that you tackle......I highly recommend you check the Beavis CDs straight off as they are first class. If nothing else, it may give you clues on how to make the necessary assigns without spinning your wheels if it's already been done. At worst, it could save you lotsa time 'n' frustration in reinventing the wheel if there's no real reason to do so (i.e. there's no trainer, patch etc. to apply to what was released back in the day). Hope that helps and my apologies for posting like a thief in the night......
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