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As I said, all of the shortcomings I perceived in the magazine were quite probably attributable to the state of the Amiga market.

However, I'm judging it by its value as a magazine (to be compared with CU, AF, AP, and unrelated mags such as TV guides, lifestyle mags and national newspapers), not as some sort of last sacrosanct attempt at establishing the Amiga as a mainstream computing platform that can't be criticised

Having said that, different people like to read different things. Some people liked CU; some people liked AF. There's no "correct" preference.

I do feel, though, that trying to contextualise everything is a dangerous thing to do. It was this approach that led AF to award Eat the Whistle 82%:

- It's a new game;
- There aren't that many new games available;
- It's rubbish, but...
- ...all of the other games are even worse;
- So, in the context of the current games market, this game is worth 82%.

This is precisely the same approach that has convinced people to jump on the Amiga Inc bandwagon (they're a useless company who aren't actually doing anything, but because there's no other option people will rabidly support them) and led to the proliferation of dodgy retailers and even worse hardware companies (DCE, anyone?).

Not that I'm equating Amiga Active with Amiga Inc or DCE, of course. I did enjoy reading AA, just not as much as reading CU, AF or AP.
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