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Hey, I have a crazy idea to make navigating the information on EAB easier. Could we possibly have a sub-forum for all the threads which are for patches, packages, AGA fixes, and things of this nature? I imagine that's a job for RCK and not a moderator, but I also imagine that you carry a bit more authority than me and if you could get behind this DamienD then it would be far more likely to happen.

And maybe another sub-forum for all your (and eveyone else's) HDF packages if there are enough of them to justify their own forum.

They are all in the correct forum now, but I can see that this may even mean that we won't get the threads where someone is complaining that a game won't run on their machine only to be directed to an existing thread which concluded with a patch or package to fix the issue as it will be nice and easy to browse the list of games that have been patched on EAB without needing to search all the file server directories.
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