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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
(...) It's really simple. Am I going to get hours of fun out of it? Yes? Then it's worth some cash, period.
That's what I said, only the wording is different. Allow me to explain:

New games for the Amiga are always welcome. Unfortunately (?), the Amiga has an extensive library of games that beckons comparisons. There's a reason why people stick to the classics: the vast majority of new software isn't up to par. I know, I know... new software is harder to put up. They're usually a one-man operation done in their free time between family life and work-time using old and difficult code languages...

But it really doesn't have to be that way, does it? Some folks here are master musicians, some are brilliant coders, others are great graphic artists. Why not join up and make a team? The spanish Spectrum scene has done that for years (yes, I know, programming a game for the speccy is easier than making one for the Amiga, but it's the idea that counts here). I reckon that if a group of 4 or 5 talented individuals came together and made some AAA Amiga titles, they would sell by the bucketload. A game done in the same line of quality as The Chaos Engine, Pang or SWOS would sell quickly, even if people charged 20€ for it. I know I would buy! A one-man-job game probably won't be able to reach that level of quality, 'cos - let's face it - none of us here seem to be a polymath when it comes to Amiga things. It's hard to fork any amount of cash for a game that won't really give you any real entertainment. This is were our thoughts converge. Some people buy a game just to have it (the game itself), but I - and others like me - actually buy games to PLAY them.

There seems to be a strange phenomenon in the Amiga community were people seem to be segregated. Yes, we're a community because we gather here but we seem to be more of a collection of "one-man-islands" than a true community (with a few exceptions). While that trend continues, I don't see the Amiga gaming scene picking up any time soon. The Amiga - which is by far my favourite platform - doesn't have a lively homebrew or indy scene, like the Spectrum and even the C64 do. Heck, even the Jaguar and the DreamCast have a better homebrew scene. A pity, really. Don't you agree?
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