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[AmigaCD] Foundation & Foundation Gold - .LHAs (for real Amiga users)

Heya guys,

This one's for you Neil79!!! <as he sent me a personal request>

Last night I installed another "AmigaCD" game to .HDF... Foundation.

Of course, it no longer requires the CD-ROM...

Things to note:

  • Left out the HTML guide as it was slow as hell to load via "AWeb". I can reinstate if people want though?

  • Originally installed update v1.27 but unfortunately this seems to miss sound / music on the intro which is present in v1.12 so I decided to go back to the original CD-ROM files.
  • The CD-ROM actually has 5 audio tracks. Obviously I couldn't include these so whenever it is that these are played you will not hear anything.
Saying the above; the game contains loads of music / sound fx anyway so... Also, even with the CD-ROM mounted in WinUAE I couldn't get the drive to detect even after installing "squirrelscsi.device". Tried changing to "uaescsi.device" but made no difference...

So, on the EAB File Server under the directory "~Uploads/DamienD/LHAs" you will find this new file

Extract the archive to anywhere on your hard drive

It requires roughly 226MB of space...

Unfortunately bad news for emulator users though, way too difficult to create a bare .HDF without virtually installing WB 3.1. There were far too many Fonts / Libs etc... needed

If you are an emulator user then you'll need to do this yourself:

  • Install WorkBench 3.1 (or Classic WB) onto a 250MB .HDF.
  • Install AHI.
  • Finally download / extract the .LHA file.
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